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FC Beauty Eye Shadow Palette 35 A - Jawaherat
FC Beauty Eye Shadow Palette 35 A - Jawaherat
FC Beauty Eye Shadow Palette

FC Beauty Eye Shadow Palette

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The colors never end with the eyeshadow palettes containing a full spectrum of 35 deeply pigmented shades. The palette consists of five rows of stunning color combos, which makes you ready to take on any look that you can dream of. These palette have been created with passion and zeal by leading makeup artists.The palette contain standout shimmers and amazing buttery mattes. One swipe and you will be addicted.

- 35A: consists of creamy, easily blendable 32 shimmer shades and 3 matt shades. It's inspired by the crystalline blue and greens of tropical region. It screams summer vibes. It's all about the trending bright and vivid colours that are so popular in makeup right now. Leave your nudes to the side for now, colour is where it's at this season.

The first row consists of black, greys and browns. The second row consists of Bronze and orange shades. The third row consists of blues and greens. The fourth row consists of reds and pinks. And the final fifth row consists of purple, yellow, gold and cream shades.

FC Beauty continues to produce Sharia compliant products meaning they do not contain Alcohol, Ethanol, Ethyl Alcohol or pork derivatives. FC Beauty is totally against animal testing - so their eyeshadow palettes are vegan and cruelty free

Ingredients:Talc,MineralOil,Kaolin,TitaniumDioxide,MagnesiumStearate,IsopropylPalmitate,Lanolin, Methylparaben,Propylparaben,BHT.Maycontain:Mica,TitaniumDioxide,IronOxides,ManganeseViolet,Ultramarine Blue,OxideGreens,HydratedOxideGreen,FD&CYellowNo.5AlLake,FD&CBlueNo.1AlLake. ManufacturedandDistributedbyFakhreeAlHindiGroupofCompanies NetWt:56.2g/1.98Oz

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