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Charcoal Incense Burner - Jawaherat
Charcoal Incense Burner - Jawaherat

Metallic Diamond studded Rose Charcoal Incense Burner

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This is an elegant metallic, charcoal incense burner. It is gold with an intricate pattern.

Bakhoor is a an Arabic name which is used to define scented bricks or a mixture of natural traditional products, mainly woodchips that are soaked in scented oil and mixed with other natural extracts. The bakhoor burner also known as the Oudh burner is used for burning bakhoor and agarwood chips. This burner is exclusively designed with a stone studded in the center. Made from premium quality alloy, this burner has a perfect gold finish that is rust proof. This attractive bakhhor burner makes an excellent gift item.

Directions: This bakhhor burner is used to burn the scented bakhoor to create a beautiful atmosphere. You have to add hot charcoal on this incense burner. After you do that you add the incense (bakhoor) on it.

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