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Attar Atyab - Jawaherat
Attar Atyab - Jawaherat
Attar Atyab - Jawaherat

Attar Atyab

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  • Brand: FC Beauty
  • Targeted Group: Unisex
  • Fragrance Type: Perfume Oil
  • Size: 20 ml
  • Fragrance Family: Oriental
  • Top Notes: Spicy
  • Perfume Name: Attar Atyab
  • Middle Notes: Musky Balsamic
  • Notes: Every individual has a fragrance personality that defines his or her – a note that persuades your senses and celebrates your essence. Use for All occasion to make you feel fresh, energetic and gives you a perfect positive vibes. Choose your favorites from our fragrance family and find the perfume meant just for you.

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