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Why You Should Use Saffron More

Why You Should Use Saffron More

Harvested from the crocus sativus, or what is commonly known as the saffron crocus, the thread-like vivid stigma's require expertise, skills, and labour-intensive harvesting procedures, which elevates its production costs.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the name ‘Saffron’ may have stemmed from an old, 12th-century French term ‘Safran,’ which has roots in the Latin term Safranum which further is inspired by the Arabic word Za’far’aan which again is derived from a Persian term Zarparan. The word means ‘gold string,’ which signifies the golden stamens of the flower or the colour it radiates when used as a flavouring spice.

While there are still doubts about the plant’s origin, it has been revered worldwide throughout the ages as a suitable alternative with healing medicinal properties to many conventional illnesses. Here are a few of the countless extraordinary benefits of Saffron.

Effective Antioxidant

Antioxidants are essential components that help the body stay safe from a plethora of health complications. They undo any damage caused by oxidation and help get rid of any free radicals. Free radicals harm the body and often reach us via smoke or radiation.

Saffron is full of compounds that act as antioxidants, some of which have positive effects, such as reducing inflammation and improving cognitive skills and memory. It is also reported that the exquisite spice helps keep appetite in check, which can aid in the weight loss process.


Mood Regulation

While the research around mood regulation effects of Saffron is fairly limited, they are promising. Some of the more prominent studies state that consuming a certain amount of Saffron per day may have similar effects to consuming commonly recommended mood regulation drugs.

Consuming Saffron can have positive effects, leading to lesser anxiety and an overall better mood in general for the consumer.

Potential Shield Against Cancer

Because of some of its antioxidant capabilities, it is believed that Saffron may be capable of destroying cancer cells. This may be attributed to its ability to eliminate free radicals in the body, known to cause cancer.

There have been tests performed in laboratories that prove the compounds in Saffron selectively attack cancer cells while not affecting normal cells.  As of now, testing on humans is relatively limited, but the prospects for the future are fairly bright.

Easing PMS

PMS refers to the state before a menstrual period where there might be emotional, physical, psychological, and hormonal imbalance.

Saffron has been tested as a deterrent towards the effect of PMS and has so far shown promising results. Compared with a placebo, it has been able to help with some of the issues that take place during PMS effectively.

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