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Exclusive Designs | 100% Money back Guarantee | Cash on Delivery available (UAE only)

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Bling for Kids – Best Jewelry Items for Children

Bling for Kids – Best Jewelry Items for Children

Tired of giving kids the same old gifts? Jazzing things up every now and then is healthy, so why not provide them with a present that is unique, meaningful, and makes them appreciate and develop a taste for as they grow up?

Kid's jewellery is ideal when it comes to helping them build a sense of fashion and customizing their look. In fact, in some oriental cultures, gifting baby jewellery to infants and newborn children is considered auspicious and a sign of prosperity.  

If your little ones like to don adorable and trendy jewellery, or you're looking to gift them something special that they can cherish forever, here are some of the best jewellery options for children:

Fashion Bracelets

Looking to make your little one’s day special? Our exclusive, ethnic, adjustable 18kt gold-plated bracelet might be the perfect gift you’ve been searching for.

The traditional dangling bracelet has an assortment of round balls in the middle to give it a distinct look that will make your precious little one’s delicate hand look even more exquisite.

You can choose from an extensive collection of simple yet intricately designed bracelets that are easy and safe for your little princesses to wear and remove.


Girls Fashion Sets

Consistency is important in the world of fashion, and complete sets help achieve that chic look. The adorable fashion sets include a gold-plated bracelet, necklace, ring, and earrings. Each piece has this cute charm attached to it for extra flair.

Whether your little one likes dolphins, apples, or hearts, our exclusively curated kids collection has customized pieces that every fashionista can don on multiple occasions!

Brooch Pins


Whether you want to secure your little one’s scarf or necktie or add it to their sleek hairstyle, brooches are timeless gifts that not only help conveniently secure garment pieces but are also an accessory that makes people remember a loved one forever.

The versatile fashion accessory adds grace and elegance to a child's clothing. From flags to leaves, bows, and flowers, brooch pins can be added to your little one's outfit to boost their look and showcase their inner princess instantly!

Fashion Bracelet with Ring

An excellent gift for newborns and toddlers, the baby jewellery fashion bracelet with ring sets is one of the most unique presents you can get for your little ones. Our platform hosts a wide variety of designs, including colourful stones and gold-plated coins attached to the bracelet and the ring to provide an extra layer of flair.

No matter what style your little trendsetter likes, kids' jewellery available on Jawaherat is adorned by all! Owned by the renowned Fakhree Al Hindi Group, Jawaherat is a comprehensive online platform that offers a wide range of exciting and creative products.

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